Phantasie Conquest : What is it ?

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Phantasie Conquest : What is it ? Empty Phantasie Conquest : What is it ?

Post  Yann on Thu 19 Apr - 1:16

Phantasie Conquest : What is it ? Hp48sx-city-150-5320fd Phantasie Conquest is an Adventure/RPG game, which closer cousin is probably Sid Meier Pirates! .
Except that the action takes place on land, and the world is randomly generated. Ah, and it plays on an HP48 SX/G/GX.

The objective is to become the most feared looting party of the land. You will have to pillage village to gain money and fame, attracting more looters. Unfortunately, your action will also attract attention from nearby Kingdoms, and at some point, they may take some action against you.

The game ends on looting the biggest city on the map.

You may replay the game on different maps, and try to beat your own score.


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